Ed Roman's Photo Album

Photos of Rock Stars & Other Luminaries

Donny Osmond & Steve Lee
Steve is Las Vegas' Premiere Hired Gun.
Steve Lee Has Played With Almost Every Major Show To Hit Vegas Since The Dawn Of Time.
His Number One Player Is His Quicksilver 10th Anniversary Macassar Neck Guitar.
Currently The Donny & Marie Show Is Probably The Best All Around Show In Vegas.
Sadly The Show Draws An Older Branson Type Crowd But That Doesn't Diminish The Show At All.
If You Love Music, All Kinds Of Music This Most Excellent Show Will Amaze You !!!


Leslie West & Ed
When he was still The Great Fatsby
  The Fat Man of Rock N' Roll  

Leslie West, Mountain, Missisippi Queen,  Ed Roman

Leslie West, Roger Glover & Ed Roman

John Entwistle & Godfrey Townsend


Ed Roman & Kerry Livgren of Kansas With JET Guitar

"JET Guitars are still probably the finest electric guitars I carry"
Ed Roman 2005

Kerry purchased one of my Pearlcaster Guitars
Kerry purchased one of my Blues Deluxe Guitars


Ed Roman, The Incomparable Lemmy & Pawn Star Guy
Backstage at ZZ Top 2010
Photo by the Magical Mysterious Fabulous Sally Steele of Vegas Rocks Magazine
When in Vegas pick up a copy it's the best rock rag in town.
Sally Steele The Reigning Queen Of Publishing In Vegas !!!

John Mayall, The Father Of British Blues,  Ed Roman

Ed Roman Guitar Builder To The Stars With John Mayall
The Father Of British Blues

This Headless Custom Guitar that eventually went to Steve Morse
John Mayall introduced the world to a little known guitarist by the name of Eric Clapp
Sometime later he changed his name to Eric Clapton

Ed Roman, Elvis Presley Guitar God, James Burton

James Burton
Rick Nelson & Elvis's Guitarist
 Elvis will always be "The King"
Ed Roman

Lindsey & Blake Shelton Backstage at a Toby Keith Concert.

Ed & George Clinton 2004

Rick Derringer & Ed Roman 1983


This Historical Picture was from the inside cover of our 1979 Pro Audio Catalog. Before being the King Of Guitars, We were definitely the undisputed kings of signal processing, PA  & recording gear. Just like our guitar customers today, sound & recording engineers & producers would fly in from all over the world to visit our mail order studio gear warehouse. We were located 60 miles from New York just over the state line and our prices were 20% lower than the New York Pro Audio Dealers. Plus we gave them another big price advantage by saving them the NY rip-off sales tax.  Today here in Nevada we do that for our California customers whose sales tax is the highest in the USA. (We sell very little in Nevada).  Most of the time we ship our customers their merchandise instead of them having to take it back on the plane.
Most Pro Audio dealers back then were not musically inclined. They came from the school of Radio Broadcasting, & ceiling mounted speaker systems in airports to movie houses. Most music stores still carried Accordions' & Violins. Sam Ash, Guitar Center etc were just big music stores that barely even understood the electronic keyboard market. We were one of the first dealers to have 100 different keyboards on display.
Our big advantage was, We were rock n' roll musician's, we spoke the language that the people in the musical side of the pro audio world understood. So the company grew to immense proportions.

Eddie Kramer, Phil Spector, John Lennon, Alan Parsons, Willie Nelson, Ed Germano, Tony Bonjiovi, Phil Ramone, & many more were our regular customers back in the 70's & 80's . I went to the Parnelli Awards in 2008 and ran into people from Showco, National Sound, See Factor who all used to call us for Crown amps to Eventide Harmonizers. We used to manufacture the Goliath line of Speaker cabinets and we supplied hundreds of sound companies and night clubs their PA systems. (many still working and on he road)
We dealt with every studio from Electric Ladyland to Sigma Sound, To The Hit Factory, We supplied 2" tape for hundreds of 80's & 90's producers that were recording mega hits.


In 1995 I decided that we were going to slow down and just do guitars. We were used to selling real pro gear!!!  Casio, Korg, & Roland were coming in with unbelievably nice keyboards for 10% of what the original classic keyboards cost. Tascam & Fostex were making complete recording studios for under $1,000.00. Home recording was very cool but it killed the real pro audio business. When digital software based recording took over there was no way I was going to stay in that business.

Being used to dealing with professionals it's sometimes hard to try and support customers who spent less than $600.00 and required more help than studio owners who would drop $100.000.00 yearly.

Well because of the internet being so prevalent and the fact that we started the guitar thing in 1995 things never really slowed down. After a 15 year roller coaster ride in the guitar business Ed Roman guitars has gone back to strictly mail order guitar sales.
We are working on some historical pages for the site.  Stay Tuned


Ed Roman's History


Yet Another Gun Totin Guitarist !!!!
Eddie Ojeda Twisted Sister
Shooting An Ed Roman Designed 9MM Carbine  !!!

Lita Ford In My Gun Room 2011

Lovely Lita Meter Maid !!!!
Get the fuck out my way !!!!!
Ya gotta love this woman,  Look up Rock N Roll In The Dictionary
There will be a picture of Lita !!!!

Moonstone Guitars, Steve Helgeson & Ed roman

Ed Roman & Steve Helgeson of Moonstone Guitars 2005

Steve is one of the worlds most talented Luthiers.
He would have been bigger than PRS,  But his factory burned down.
Moonstone was probably the first to use exotic burls & quilts on their guitars.
Today Steve works with me to help create some of our prototype models.
He is a great help & inspiration to me
Ed Roman

Dean Zelinsky, Photo By Ed Roman

Dean Zelinsky

I have been doing business with Dean for more than 32 years.

A talented luthier & excellent businessman.
Dean is a lot of fun to be around,
I have learned a great deal from him!!!


The 2011 Crew