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At this time every credit repair service I have talked to has been nothing more than a fraud.
The only way you should pay them is when they get results,
Funny how they all want to be paid up front...  

It would be very unwise to use Caravan Credit to fix your credit.  They proved completely ineffective for me and I only needed them to get my name straightened out between the three credit card companies.   I made a serious mistake in 2010 and I cancelled all my credit cards, I had about 20 of them and I cancelled all but one. 

This dumbass move I made effectively cancelled 40 plus years of excellent credit history. Simply cut your credit cards in half but don't cancel them because then your history will stay intact.

My succubus girlfriend Joanne Abraham & myself split up in 2010 and she proceeded to use my credit card for her benefit.  She hid the bills from me and I was getting late notices that were never arriving because she was heading them off at the mailbox.  It probably cost me $40,000 but it was worth paying it never having to look at her face again.  In the process my credit score dipped down to just under 700 and I am used to a high 700 stellar score.

I went with "Caravan Credit" located in Texas.  I spoke with a guy named Derek who told me they could easily fix all these reports and have them removed within a two month time. The cost $150.00 down & $99.00 per month.  I was assured it would take no more than three months.

They initially charged me $250.00 instead of the $150.00 and 4 months in I cancelled because I was upset I could never get any answers from anyone and it was starting to feel like I was getting porked !!!

About a week later, Derek calls me up out of the blue and has all kinds of wonderful news about how their work was finally being picked up by the three credit bureaus. To make a long story short he conned me into 3 more months of being porked until finally I cancelled again.  Then they charged my card for an extra month.

NOTHING, happened,  nothing changed,  They did nothing, somehow Experian was calling me Edward Roman.  My Full Name Is Ed

Another company was referring to me as Ed C. Roman   I have no "C" middle initial

The third one had Edward C, Roman as my name  2 Mistakes   They didn't even get my name changed to my correct name..

Caravan Credit Can Burn In Hell  !!!!!!!!!

If you have had similar problems with Caravan Credit, I am sorry for you..  I will post your complaint On This page.  My website gets heavily optimized every 3 months and if this only saves one poor sap, I am happy to place it here.

Jerry Champagne The owner contacted and was very nice on the phone... he made me a bunch of promises and said he would make me happy...  I have had no luck in the past 3 months ever contacting him again, As far as I am concerned he is just a another forked tongue

Unfortunately Nevada makes it a bit of a pain to go to small claims court, But I will eventually take these Pecker-heads to small claims court.

Ed Roman

CC Better Business Bureau